Day 01 - Thursday, Oct 23, 2003
Tokyo - Bangkok


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- Narita Airport -

12:51 PM 12:56 PM Plastic Food
Tokyo airport underwhelmed us, but we did get nice sake at a coffee/beer kiosk full of Guinness ads and plastic food. Dodo saw a young woman whose t-shirt had some brand name/Japanese word spelled out in rhinestones but thought it said MUTABILITY. Dodo would like to have a t-shirt that said MUTABILITY in rhinestones.
2 glasses of sake (set inside wooden crates to catch the spills) plus 1 500ml water = $9.35 (Dan got 65 change in yen). We also bought (expensive) Johnny Walker at the dutyfree, where a nice Japanese woman was giving out free sample tastes of expensive scotch, with or without ice in little plastic taster cups.
Uninteresting "Hello Kitty" tchotchkes, and not a single vending machine selling used schoolgirl panties. Disappointed.

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- Amari Boulevard Hotel -

Pool from Balcony Light Rail Station from Balcony

Map - Central Bangkok

Map - Th Sukhumvit, Bangkok (Amari Boulevard Hotel)

Arrived at our hotel in Bangkok, the Amari Boulevard, at midnight after 32 hours of travel. Claire was waiting for us in the bar. Checked into our room and met Ruth, and we all walked to the "Tuk-tuk Bar," outdoors in a parking lot with the bar made out of an actual tuk-tuk. We drank a lot of Long Islands and then staggered into the Food Lion for strange fruit (jackfruit and dragonfruit, which we didn't much like) and Ruth tried to get a cabbie to take us to Patpong at 5 in the morning, when it had all closed at 3. She kept repeating "Sanouk" (the Thai word for fun) and "Patpong," until he convinced us it was too late.

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